Get The Kids Driving

Get the Kids Driving seems a natural thing to learn at school.but why is it not taught. I have thought for many years as well as learning the recorder or violin and cooking putting driving lessons on the timetable would make sense for pupils of 16 yrs . Not that they will all obviously want or have driving jobs >but they need driving license to get to work and i can see many other advantages,improved road saftey and a longer learning curve for the learner, The government could get driving schools,insurance companies and wider business groups on board, Having a possible 12 month course would enhance driving skills having been taught in  all seasons . winter driving would not be such a shock to the system when the white stuff arrives, Funding could be sourced by business and sponsership from motor manufacturers  , ideal market for them when the young driver needs their first cars . Added boost to driving schools and instructors and young  drivers could be  judged over a longer period than the present test; Car maintainence could be incorporated , Of course many other ideas to be added but could help with the crippling unemployment of the young


2012 and all that

Happy new year to the regulars and the newbies. Kept on trucking over feastive period,and put in more hours than i should have ,but as it hits the floor this time of year had to grab the biz while it was there’ From ;lost wallets to iphones to a 80 yr old chap off today on a 6 week world cruise who left his mp3 player in the kitchen(he said did not matter as he had his i pad with him) it has been entertaining.

               On family side most will know that Moz was in the wars when she broke her hip badly a few weeks ago ,She had a metal plate and screw operation and has been in great pain, gradually she his getting around with her walking sticks but is only now having the odd venture out ,family have rallied round and keeping a watch full eye on her. although it looks like she is in for the long haul back to recovery (if that op does not work she will have to have replacement hip)  Family getting plenty attention off the NHS , Debs as i write is swallowing the old camera ‘. did not believe me when trying to reassure her having the injection first spaces you out, (still awake but in a dream) i will be due another one shortly, will post update laters. Once again many thanks to customers for loyal support and apologies if i cannot always do the run, but most understand cannot be two places at once #creditcrunchtaxis

The Proud RAF Veteran

Phone call late last night from a customer who normally just uses a taxi for church, He booked us to take him to have lunch with his wife at her nursing home, she has only been in for a few weeks as her health is failing her, Obviously i cannot use his real name but  lets call him “Michael” for he has Parkinson`s disease and over the last few months has been getting worse, It is getting a struggle getting Michael into the cab and i have to fasten his belt and steady him getting out.

                                    The problem is he is a proud old chap who thinks he can do everything himself ,which he did in the past ,doing the caring for his wife ,even preparing the sunday dinner before church, but he is getting frail. I have really enjoyed chats with him ,stories about the RAF during the war, which i can relate to , because Dad was in the RAF at the same time ,so talk of Tea Whallers, Rations (food) and Irons(knives and forks) was no mystery to me. When that stopped we talked cricket and about his youth. Anyway dropped him off at the nursing home ,got him out of car without any mishaps and arranged to pick him up at 1700 hours prompt, As he got to the nursing home door he turned to wave and he seemed to have a distant look on his face, thought no more about it until i got phone call about 3pm off his son cancelling taxi as his father had been taken into hospital,I passed on my best wishes , I don`t know how bad he is but hope i get a phone call soon to take him to church, But who knows prehaps being parted from his wife after all these years and his progressive disease has taken it`s toll on Michael , I am not big on religion and sometimes have a bit joke about it but tonight  might have a quiet pray for a tired old chap who has served his country and his wife for many proud years . Thanks for letting me  share thoughts ,

Lost Weekend

It`s been a while since last blog and many things have changed in my life. After 30 yrs of married life, Mozzie and i have seperated, nobody else involved it`s just happened. we need some space but are still friends and have many things to sort out. family have been great and very understanding and supportive . We are selling the house or trying to ,been sold once as far as contracts but no go . Once sold not sure where to move but from September will be able to work all over Co Durham and not limited to Derwentside area, On saying that  we have built up a great deal of regular customers esp to Airports and will do everything to continue, Will post more regularly hopefully as i get used to my new single status #creditcrunchtaxis  PS the Lost Weekend title comes from my hero John Lennon as he described his split from Yoko for a couple of years (mind Yoko found him a substitute wife,as of this time Moz has not done so )

Time for Update

Its been an age but update is needed.Most important message is #delvespuss aka Misty is thriving,according to Sophie and Ben she is  up to date with her jabs and is now climbing her back garden fence and exploring . Her mission in life is to  scratch everything and everyone in sight. On a personnel note i have been “invited” onto a research study into Barrettes Oesophegeous , after having the old camera down the throat, It could lead to something nasty but nothing showing with biopsies  so pushing it to back of mind (until i drive down every blooming housing estate saying Barratts Secret Sale. Been up and down on the work but trains and aircrafts are still going and with the “party” season starting it will pick up, only problem is a few more clubs and pubs are due to shut making evening work a bit quiet . Expensive time of year with taxi test,tyres shockers mot  and tax all coming together,but seen as the Irish have decided to take up the multi billion cash injection  there is nothing left for anyone else.

Time for Update

Most important update is #delvespuss aka Misty Sophie and Ben report that she  is up to date on her jabs and is now exploring the back garden fence and decided the her mission in life is to scratch everything and everyone in sight. On a personnel note i had the old camera down the throat and have been “invited”onto a research study for Barrett’s

 Oesophegeous which could lead to something nasty but the biopsies are clear, Trying to push it to back of mind until i drive into housing estates saying “Barretts  Secret Sale”. Work wise ,aircraft and trains still ok although evening pub trade getting quiet with rumours of a few more pubs and clubs about to close

A Right Pain In The A***

Busy weekend gone with the bank holiday weekend,the last  before Christmas so punters quite rightly make the most of it. Mind things have changed a bit ,in the good old days it was a full weekend ,now people are a bit more sensible and tend to go out on the sunday and have a day of recovery on bank holiday monday. Have seen busier times but after having taken holiday makers to airport , good to see the pizza/kebab shops still doing roaring trade at 4.30 am for the stragglers . Monday had a phone call from sister Barbara to take her to Durham Hospital for clinic for her  “Arther itis (pick up at Bishop Auckland) . We arrived at 3.30 to be told there was a massive delay ,eventually getting out at 6pm which was a right pain in the a*** for us moving bookings as well as sis after her injection.

                        Airport and train bookings still going ,in fact prob get busier with holiday companies sitting on a load of unsold holidays, here ‘s hoping. On the #delvespuss  aka Misty front Sophie and Ben telling us she is going for her second injection (another pain in the ….) and getting chipped also  having a sniff around the back garden and is coming on a treat after her poorly paw.  Only a couple of days left of school hols left and mornings getting darker with heavy traffic to look forward to ,but autumn is a great  mellow season.

Sophie’s Blog on here

Quick update ,Grandaughter Sophie is blogging on her life,her little kitten Misty aka delvespuss and life in general.I am biased but she is witty and has a lovely writting style and is a must to favorite .
Misty had a visit to vet and you can keep up to date on her progress via Sophie,i think she is practising uploading photos so please have a peep and give her a follow. Grandson Ben the footy mad toon fan has started his blog more info to come.
Workwise still a might quiet but confident that the airport runs will pick up in September so get booking early and remember ,no extra charge for unsocial hours like the opposition,which is pretty important as early flights mean check in 3 hrs ahead ie 3 ar 4am pick up for most morning flights. We can tweet, text or ring on arrival for pick up and we check tinternet for flight arrival times, so remember the slogan #creditcrunchtaxis , if you get a quote we will do our best to beat it

A Week of Highs and Lows

More lows than highs this week unfortunately . On the high side business has picked up after what used to be described as “factory fortnight”  when all the factories closed down for the summer break at the same time, still happens to some extent up here but the factories are getting fewer, as are the pubs  and clubs which are either closed,for sale or would like to be. On the plus side good old “Spoons ” is now open at 7am for brekkers and a reviving pint of the amber nectar after some have done the job search for the day. On the low side, had a phone call off a young lass who was  stranded in house with poorly baby and needed prescription picked up, when i delivered it she paid fare in  copper and five pences and when asked if she was ok was a bit tearful.

                                       After getting home later i couldnt stop thinking about her predicament,and my predicament whether to ring her back to see if she was ok, its a fine line between concern and minding your own bloody business but sod it i rang and said if she needed  some shopping or anything to give us a ring. Thank goodness she was pleased we rang and said its nice to know someones there. That was over the weekend, this morning she called again and we collected another prescription and medicine for her, she said she gets her money on Wednesday , so now thinking hope she is ok until then.  Next quandary is leave well alone (she has our number) or give her a bell later?

                 The other low which was not as important but a bigger low was puncture on saturday night , much to the amusement of the punters who watched and gave sterling advice on my efforts to change the wheel, actually quite chuffed with myself only taking 15  mins and only loosing one run. Of course had the worry of driving the rest of the weekend without spare,you can buy most things  on a sunday but not a tyre. (Booked in  later this morning) The final low was an  ignorant Hooray Henry   t**t who go  in cab on saturday night with Mrs Hooray Henrietta and said i quote “I don’t like your “Nig***r seat covers” , I replied ” there zebra covers and i don’t like the word n*****r ” , Suffice it to say rest of short journey done in total silence and no tip was forthcoming or welcome off the racist git. fortunately we have very few nasty punters and lots of great ones. thanks for reading and lets hope for more highs than lows this week