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UK general election 2017 review
This will go down as an election that has further divided our nation and caused more uncertainty, not that we needed any more here in the UK. Nothing has been clarified, nothing has been definitively decided. A so called “hard Brexit” seems to be in the balance and we have a divided Tory party and a Labour Party looking stronger than ever. The polls said prior to the election that Theresa May’s Conservatives were on course for a large majority in Parliament. 
Big Ben chimed 10 and the famous 10 o’clock exit poll rocked the nation. It put the Tories on 314 seats, 12 shy of a majority they were widely expected to win easily whilst it showed Labour on 266 seats and surging in previously Conservative held seats and shoring up their Northern base the Tories had targeted. This caused quite a reaction from both senior Tory and Labour figures. The general consensus was that this exit poll can’t be believed. This had to be the right consensus, of course? The average poll of polls prior to Election Day put the Tories 8 points ahead of Labour, but they couldn’t be wrong? This was meant to be Theresa May’s personal big mandate to negotiate Brexit. 
Well they were wrong, very wrong. In fact, I’m surprised the polling industry hasn’t gone bust after this election, to be quite frank. 
Newcastle won the race for the first declaration, an unsurprising result of a thumping Labour majority. The Tory targets in the North East of Bishop Auckland and Darlington surprisingly fell to Labour which started to show which way the night was going. 
As the evening grew older, the Prime Minister’s constituency of Maidenhead was declared. She comfortably won the seat, a 26,000 majority, fending off Loony Party candidate Screaming Lord Hope and Lord Buckethead. In her acceptance speech in the convention centre, she was visibly awkward and rattled by the news that her party was on course to lose their majority in Parliament and her position was unforeseen. “Will you survive the night Prime Minister?”, one reporter impudently asked – no answer. 
Meanwhile across the rest of the UK big names such as ex-Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond lost his seat to the Conservatives, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg lost his Sheffield Hallam seat to the Labour candidate and Deputy SNP leader Angus Robertson lost his seat, also to the Conservatives. Despite a, so far, relatively poor showing for May in the rest of the UK, it was a different story for Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives. They gained 12 seats, leaving the SNP red faced. Davidson deserves credit for the outstanding job she has done. Those gains she has managed to make belong to her, not the Conservative Party. 
Meanwhile, back to rest of the UK where Labour owned the night, even picking up Canterbury, a solid 10% Conservative majority and Kensington – the richest constituency in the UK which was last to declare. Even Home Secretary Amber Rudd barely held on to her Hastings and Rye seat, fending off a big challenge from Labour. May’s strategy had collapsed, with many former UKIP voters choosing to return to Labour and their anti-establishment rhetoric, wooed by the fact that Labour proposed to leave the single market and end freedom of movement in their manifesto. But it wasn’t entirely sombre. The Tories picked up Walsall North, Middlesbrough South and Richmond Park from Labour, two of those seats they were thought to have little chance of winning. 
As the last few constituencies declared, it became clear that the Conservatives would have the largest number of seats and the largest number of votes meaning they were the only party in a viable position to form a government. However, they had lost their majority. The only party they could rely on to govern effectively and to command a majority in the Commons was the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) of Northern Ireland. A staunchly socially conservative anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion fundamentalist Christian party who will certainly divide opinion and cause controversy in the coming months and years. Under their leader Arlene Forster, they recorded their best ever result in Northern Ireland this time out. 
Theresa May returned to Downing Street with an “acceptance of the result” smile. “I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen, and I will now form a government”, she read. She went on to state “we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular”. DUP leader Arlene Forster had earlier confirmed that her party had went into “negotiations with the Conservatives”. 
Rumours are already circulating that there will be a Tory leadership election with figures such as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and Chancellor Phillip Hammond favourites to take over from May if she is ousted by her party. The Prime Minister is scheduled to address members of the powerful 1922 Committee on Tuesday who have incredible power within the Conservative Party. This election has caused more uncertainty and more chaos than ever before. It truly could turn out to be a “coalition of chaos”, in Theresa May’s words. Jeremy Corbyn is still standing tall and banking on talks breaking down between the Tories and the DUP so he can step in and head a government. However, in the aftermath of this election, it is clear that the Maths doesn’t add up for Corbyn who would still fall short of the 326 seats needed to command a Commons majority. However, it can’t be denied that it is Corbyn and his supporters who are the ones feeling upbeat, confident and ready to govern in the aftermath of this election. Meanwhile the Conservatives could be about to enter a full out civil war. Labour feel like they are one step closer to overthrowing what they see to be an ignorant oligarchy. 
It is also good to see youth turnout up to record levels. Although everyone may not agree with some of the youth’s views, only an idiot would argue with someone voting for what they believe to be a better future for them and their children in the future. The youth are a large chunk of the reason why Corbyn out done his critics. Labour played a smart social media strategy and targeted young voters in swing constituencies. It payed off for them very well. 
So, what have people learned from this election? We’ve learned many things: the British media has learned never to right off a candidate and predict an election for one party before the voting has commenced. And most importantly for me, Theresa May has learned never to take the British electorate for granted, the British people know a bad campaign when they see one, they aren’t stupid. No Prime Minister will ever do that ever again. 

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Kelly’s Coffee for Macmillan



Voucher for Airport or train station  Continue reading

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A Chap from the Old School

Greatly saddened today with the passing of one of our first and loyal customers , Don Robson , either taking him and Mrs Robson to Airports, trains usually to follow their passion for cricket it was fascinating to hear his anecdotes , we discussed football , cricket local and national politics, his knowledge of all was immense but the one thing he always asked was “How’s business going Paul? ” not just as a polite ask but concerned after our welfare as a new business . I will miss our journeys either long or short he made them a pleasure , My thoughts are with Mrs Robson , they were a team themselves. I never like the phrase “a good innings” but with his work in bringing first class cricket to his beloved Durham perhaps we can say Don Robson played his magnificently , RIP

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I have taken to my blog after a good few years , basically to put thoughts down reference the vote to increase  militay action in Syria  . Nobody of sound mind should want bombing , killing  or war , but it is happening , if we dont stop ISIL Daesh , they  will keep up their evil attacks as per Paris.  But the one worry i have is the hatred being encoraged to youngsters against Muslims , ( a peaceful race) who are not the enemy , Social media which i love is an easy vehicle to breed hatered , imagine if Hitler , Georbbles had it in the 1930s ,they created a blame culture against the Jewish  people and in the depressive times the German people were intoxicated then WW2 .Move forward to now , the establishment  i think want the same  control , pray to God ,Allah , or whoever your belief that they will fail , Lets promote tollerence to all and think of that poor little boy on the beach . In words of Geldof , “just thank God its them and not us”

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The Not so nice side of Twitter

I saw like many people  the enhanced photo of Madeline Mccann ,how she will now look aged nine, i thought of my own grandchildren now passing that age and i felt so sad for her family,  New Scotland Yard asked the Portuguese police to reopen the case . they have so far refused, presumably because the Mccann`s refused to do a reconstruction. I rashly tweeted  ,no re open  case no holiday in Portugal’ I was hit with  some vile comments about the ins and outs of the case and the blame factor and last but not least not  for me to go there on holiday (as if). But the main shock was the most important  the venom in some people , we don`t know the ins and outs and who cares which  lets just find a beautiful girl called Maddie . i know there are thousands of missing children who have not had the same publicity but that is not the Mccanns fault ,remember Ben Needham a little boy lost in Kos All in all it has spoilt twitter for me which i love and hope that twitter returns to what it used to be , ie a laugh, a great friend to people and a great way to help in missing children`s cases but the main thing is lets concentrate on a lost girl called Maddie

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A Girl Beyond her Years

A regular customer of about 3 yrs is a  very pretty young Polish girl who obv  would not name  got into cab today ,Usually we chat about her pets and schoolwork and her ambitions ,she asks after me and  my family ,but today was different. She was describing the horrific train crash near her home town of Kracov injuring and killing many,She rang her Nana to see if she was ok ,as she is not in best of health . Our girl was brought up by Nana in Poland for early years while her parents came over to get jobs and plan to return when our girl is 18 in a couple of years time .,our girl will prob stay for she classes England as her home. and wants to join the Police Force .Whether it was the train crash i don’t know but she opened up and was telling me about teaching her little sister Polish and translating to English some of the more difficult words for Mam , Our girl told me she hopes to go for holiday back to Krakov shortly before somethings happens to Nana i hope she  can do that; As a cabbie i talk all day but this young girl showed me how wisdom and kindness does not come with age but with your heart and i learnt  today that a 16 yr old  can  show us cynical old timers a thing or two

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Get The Kids Driving

Get the Kids Driving seems a natural thing to learn at school.but why is it not taught. I have thought for many years as well as learning the recorder or violin and cooking putting driving lessons on the timetable would make sense for pupils of 16 yrs . Not that they will all obviously want or have driving jobs >but they need driving license to get to work and i can see many other advantages,improved road saftey and a longer learning curve for the learner, The government could get driving schools,insurance companies and wider business groups on board, Having a possible 12 month course would enhance driving skills having been taught in  all seasons . winter driving would not be such a shock to the system when the white stuff arrives, Funding could be sourced by business and sponsership from motor manufacturers  , ideal market for them when the young driver needs their first cars . Added boost to driving schools and instructors and young  drivers could be  judged over a longer period than the present test; Car maintainence could be incorporated , Of course many other ideas to be added but could help with the crippling unemployment of the young

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2012 and all that

Happy new year to the regulars and the newbies. Kept on trucking over feastive period,and put in more hours than i should have ,but as it hits the floor this time of year had to grab the biz while it was there’ From ;lost wallets to iphones to a 80 yr old chap off today on a 6 week world cruise who left his mp3 player in the kitchen(he said did not matter as he had his i pad with him) it has been entertaining.

               On family side most will know that Moz was in the wars when she broke her hip badly a few weeks ago ,She had a metal plate and screw operation and has been in great pain, gradually she his getting around with her walking sticks but is only now having the odd venture out ,family have rallied round and keeping a watch full eye on her. although it looks like she is in for the long haul back to recovery (if that op does not work she will have to have replacement hip)  Family getting plenty attention off the NHS , Debs as i write is swallowing the old camera ‘. did not believe me when trying to reassure her having the injection first spaces you out, (still awake but in a dream) i will be due another one shortly, will post update laters. Once again many thanks to customers for loyal support and apologies if i cannot always do the run, but most understand cannot be two places at once #creditcrunchtaxis

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