Old age has crept up at an alarming rate , Pension due at end of year and diabetes has hinted to me that my taxi days are over , Really like to thank all our customers for their loyalty understanding and with many , friendship over the last 11 years.

Will miss the banter but 3am starts and late nights not so much , obviously anybody already booked will be ok , I’ll still be around for coffees and in 6 months probably wished I’d carried on , but as my kids rightly noticed , finishing my fascinating tales of the old days while the lights change three times , and driving like a Grandad does not bode well , (actually on another speed course this week , so not that slow) any more and I could do the class ,. Anyway once again many thanks as the youngsters say ” It’s been real man Paul


2 thoughts on “Gap year (need to spend more time with my Twitter/FB )

  1. I will certainly miss you in your taxi. I never had to use you much but if I need one I’m now going to have to find some unfriendly inferior firm and I’m not looking forward to that.
    However enjoy your retirement as you do deserve it. And if I am home you are welcome for a coffee any time – mind you if you are simply passing I would find that worrying given how can you be passing my house when its a cul de sac haha. But you can still have a cuppa because you’re worth it.

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