I have taken to my blog after a good few years , basically to put thoughts down reference the vote to increase  militay action in Syria  . Nobody of sound mind should want bombing , killing  or war , but it is happening , if we dont stop ISIL Daesh , they  will keep up their evil attacks as per Paris.  But the one worry i have is the hatred being encoraged to youngsters against Muslims , ( a peaceful race) who are not the enemy , Social media which i love is an easy vehicle to breed hatered , imagine if Hitler , Georbbles had it in the 1930s ,they created a blame culture against the Jewish  people and in the depressive times the German people were intoxicated then WW2 .Move forward to now , the establishment  i think want the same  control , pray to God ,Allah , or whoever your belief that they will fail , Lets promote tollerence to all and think of that poor little boy on the beach . In words of Geldof , “just thank God its them and not us”