I saw like many people  the enhanced photo of Madeline Mccann ,how she will now look aged nine, i thought of my own grandchildren now passing that age and i felt so sad for her family,  New Scotland Yard asked the Portuguese police to reopen the case . they have so far refused, presumably because the Mccann`s refused to do a reconstruction. I rashly tweeted  ,no re open  case no holiday in Portugal’ I was hit with  some vile comments about the ins and outs of the case and the blame factor and last but not least not  for me to go there on holiday (as if). But the main shock was the most important  the venom in some people , we don`t know the ins and outs and who cares which  lets just find a beautiful girl called Maddie . i know there are thousands of missing children who have not had the same publicity but that is not the Mccanns fault ,remember Ben Needham a little boy lost in Kos All in all it has spoilt twitter for me which i love and hope that twitter returns to what it used to be , ie a laugh, a great friend to people and a great way to help in missing children`s cases but the main thing is lets concentrate on a lost girl called Maddie


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