A regular customer of about 3 yrs is a  very pretty young Polish girl who obv  would not name  got into cab today ,Usually we chat about her pets and schoolwork and her ambitions ,she asks after me and  my family ,but today was different. She was describing the horrific train crash near her home town of Kracov injuring and killing many,She rang her Nana to see if she was ok ,as she is not in best of health . Our girl was brought up by Nana in Poland for early years while her parents came over to get jobs and plan to return when our girl is 18 in a couple of years time .,our girl will prob stay for she classes England as her home. and wants to join the Police Force .Whether it was the train crash i don’t know but she opened up and was telling me about teaching her little sister Polish and translating to English some of the more difficult words for Mam , Our girl told me she hopes to go for holiday back to Krakov shortly before somethings happens to Nana i hope she  can do that; As a cabbie i talk all day but this young girl showed me how wisdom and kindness does not come with age but with your heart and i learnt  today that a 16 yr old  can  show us cynical old timers a thing or two


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