Get the Kids Driving seems a natural thing to learn at school.but why is it not taught. I have thought for many years as well as learning the recorder or violin and cooking putting driving lessons on the timetable would make sense for pupils of 16 yrs . Not that they will all obviously want or have driving jobs >but they need driving license to get to work and i can see many other advantages,improved road saftey and a longer learning curve for the learner, The government could get driving schools,insurance companies and wider business groups on board, Having a possible 12 month course would enhance driving skills having been taught in  all seasons . winter driving would not be such a shock to the system when the white stuff arrives, Funding could be sourced by business and sponsership from motor manufacturers  , ideal market for them when the young driver needs their first cars . Added boost to driving schools and instructors and young  drivers could be  judged over a longer period than the present test; Car maintainence could be incorporated , Of course many other ideas to be added but could help with the crippling unemployment of the young


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