Happy new year to the regulars and the newbies. Kept on trucking over feastive period,and put in more hours than i should have ,but as it hits the floor this time of year had to grab the biz while it was there’ From ;lost wallets to iphones to a 80 yr old chap off today on a 6 week world cruise who left his mp3 player in the kitchen(he said did not matter as he had his i pad with him) it has been entertaining.

               On family side most will know that Moz was in the wars when she broke her hip badly a few weeks ago ,She had a metal plate and screw operation and has been in great pain, gradually she his getting around with her walking sticks but is only now having the odd venture out ,family have rallied round and keeping a watch full eye on her. although it looks like she is in for the long haul back to recovery (if that op does not work she will have to have replacement hip)  Family getting plenty attention off the NHS , Debs as i write is swallowing the old camera ‘. did not believe me when trying to reassure her having the injection first spaces you out, (still awake but in a dream) i will be due another one shortly, will post update laters. Once again many thanks to customers for loyal support and apologies if i cannot always do the run, but most understand cannot be two places at once #creditcrunchtaxis


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