Phone call late last night from a customer who normally just uses a taxi for church, He booked us to take him to have lunch with his wife at her nursing home, she has only been in for a few weeks as her health is failing her, Obviously i cannot use his real name but  lets call him “Michael” for he has Parkinson`s disease and over the last few months has been getting worse, It is getting a struggle getting Michael into the cab and i have to fasten his belt and steady him getting out.

                                    The problem is he is a proud old chap who thinks he can do everything himself ,which he did in the past ,doing the caring for his wife ,even preparing the sunday dinner before church, but he is getting frail. I have really enjoyed chats with him ,stories about the RAF during the war, which i can relate to , because Dad was in the RAF at the same time ,so talk of Tea Whallers, Rations (food) and Irons(knives and forks) was no mystery to me. When that stopped we talked cricket and about his youth. Anyway dropped him off at the nursing home ,got him out of car without any mishaps and arranged to pick him up at 1700 hours prompt, As he got to the nursing home door he turned to wave and he seemed to have a distant look on his face, thought no more about it until i got phone call about 3pm off his son cancelling taxi as his father had been taken into hospital,I passed on my best wishes , I don`t know how bad he is but hope i get a phone call soon to take him to church, But who knows prehaps being parted from his wife after all these years and his progressive disease has taken it`s toll on Michael , I am not big on religion and sometimes have a bit joke about it but tonight  might have a quiet pray for a tired old chap who has served his country and his wife for many proud years . Thanks for letting me  share thoughts ,


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