Its been an age but update is needed.Most important message is #delvespuss aka Misty is thriving,according to Sophie and Ben she is  up to date with her jabs and is now climbing her back garden fence and exploring . Her mission in life is to  scratch everything and everyone in sight. On a personnel note i have been “invited” onto a research study into Barrettes Oesophegeous , after having the old camera down the throat, It could lead to something nasty but nothing showing with biopsies  so pushing it to back of mind (until i drive down every blooming housing estate saying Barratts Secret Sale. Been up and down on the work but trains and aircrafts are still going and with the “party” season starting it will pick up, only problem is a few more clubs and pubs are due to shut making evening work a bit quiet . Expensive time of year with taxi test,tyres shockers mot  and tax all coming together,but seen as the Irish have decided to take up the multi billion cash injection  there is nothing left for anyone else.


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