Twin Strikers


A Right Pain In The A***

Busy weekend gone with the bank holiday weekend,the last  before Christmas so punters quite rightly make the most of it. Mind things have changed a bit ,in the good old days it was a full weekend ,now people are a bit more sensible and tend to go out on the sunday and have a day of recovery on bank holiday monday. Have seen busier times but after having taken holiday makers to airport , good to see the pizza/kebab shops still doing roaring trade at 4.30 am for the stragglers . Monday had a phone call from sister Barbara to take her to Durham Hospital for clinic for her  “Arther itis (pick up at Bishop Auckland) . We arrived at 3.30 to be told there was a massive delay ,eventually getting out at 6pm which was a right pain in the a*** for us moving bookings as well as sis after her injection.

                        Airport and train bookings still going ,in fact prob get busier with holiday companies sitting on a load of unsold holidays, here ‘s hoping. On the #delvespuss  aka Misty front Sophie and Ben telling us she is going for her second injection (another pain in the ….) and getting chipped also  having a sniff around the back garden and is coming on a treat after her poorly paw.  Only a couple of days left of school hols left and mornings getting darker with heavy traffic to look forward to ,but autumn is a great  mellow season.