More lows than highs this week unfortunately . On the high side business has picked up after what used to be described as “factory fortnight”  when all the factories closed down for the summer break at the same time, still happens to some extent up here but the factories are getting fewer, as are the pubs  and clubs which are either closed,for sale or would like to be. On the plus side good old “Spoons ” is now open at 7am for brekkers and a reviving pint of the amber nectar after some have done the job search for the day. On the low side, had a phone call off a young lass who was  stranded in house with poorly baby and needed prescription picked up, when i delivered it she paid fare in  copper and five pences and when asked if she was ok was a bit tearful.

                                       After getting home later i couldnt stop thinking about her predicament,and my predicament whether to ring her back to see if she was ok, its a fine line between concern and minding your own bloody business but sod it i rang and said if she needed  some shopping or anything to give us a ring. Thank goodness she was pleased we rang and said its nice to know someones there. That was over the weekend, this morning she called again and we collected another prescription and medicine for her, she said she gets her money on Wednesday , so now thinking hope she is ok until then.  Next quandary is leave well alone (she has our number) or give her a bell later?

                 The other low which was not as important but a bigger low was puncture on saturday night , much to the amusement of the punters who watched and gave sterling advice on my efforts to change the wheel, actually quite chuffed with myself only taking 15  mins and only loosing one run. Of course had the worry of driving the rest of the weekend without spare,you can buy most things  on a sunday but not a tyre. (Booked in  later this morning) The final low was an  ignorant Hooray Henry   t**t who go  in cab on saturday night with Mrs Hooray Henrietta and said i quote “I don’t like your “Nig***r seat covers” , I replied ” there zebra covers and i don’t like the word n*****r ” , Suffice it to say rest of short journey done in total silence and no tip was forthcoming or welcome off the racist git. fortunately we have very few nasty punters and lots of great ones. thanks for reading and lets hope for more highs than lows this week


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