Been a quiet time since the school hols started. You would have thought it would be the opposite but apart from airport and train/coach runs the locals are staying indoors entertaining the kiddies,understandable in these times,it costs more on the “days out” than ever it did.

                             All  of my grandchildren  love animals Sophie and Ben have hankered after a kitten for ages,they have had their goldfishes for years (Trixie is old enough to start senior school soon,if she didnt enjoy swimming around her tank all day). Mam and Dad have relented and after proving they would be commited to looking after there new addition,Sophie has done a 80 page doc on her laptop on “Kittens”  negotiations began.

                           After many visits to local pet shop they saw the perfect puss, last of the litter and all alone, so cute even the pet shop owner opened the shop early to go in and give her a cuddle, all that remained was to persuade Dad who also loves pets but loves his three peice suite and house as well. Things were getting tight,the puss was sold once but lady who bought went on hols and changed her mind before collecting her new pet.  Sophie would have been mortified if Dad said yes and puss was sold so on impulse i called in and left some money to reserve her, all that was left was to get Dad to  ok and me to explain to Mozzie that we might end up with  an addition at HQ.  I felt awfull afterwards not wanting to put Steven in a position as  it did look like a conspiricy. The family took Steven to the shop and rumour has it he stroked and cuddled her, which taking me back to car sales days if a customer (lady) stroked a car bonnet or wing we new it was a sale, apparantly its all about body language and ownership. So yesterday Deborah rang at 7am as excited if not more  than the kids to tell me the news , the puss (now called Misty formally known as Cookie arrived home to new bed, scratch post , cage toys etc, ( bought by Steven  night before,the softy).   Twitter has been kept informed of all the developments and Sophie said Misty can be Delves Taxis mascot, Updates no doubt will follow  ,im trying to get Sophie and Ben to do a Misty blog.  The pet shop owners were chuffed as well coz apart from Misty’s new family visiting each day, Mozzie,Jade and me were calling in each day to keep them informed of the ongoing “talks” with Dad. In fact when  Debs, Sophie and Ben called in to pet shop she said  a  man  had bought her (me) Sophies face hit the floor . I think all children should have a pet, as long as they are fully commited and i know Misty will only suffer from too much love.

PS  As Misty arrived Bens goldfish “Gutierrez” sadly passed away as Misty arrived


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