Friday has never been my favorite day,its a day when things tend to go wrong for me. In the past we  could not get the cab tested in time because the council offices had a “POETS day and when something  goes on cab its a friday when you fail to get parts the phrase ” its the weekend you know” is quoted. Unfortunatly the weekend is the time for us and its like losing a weeks work to be off the road.

                                  Sure enough last evening (friday of course) on a local run to  Consett a bang happened in fact a big bang happened,it felt as if exhaust ,turbo or something major had gone. Had a quick look under the hood and noticed the turbo pipe and sheared, black smoke from exhaust and kangeroo jumps but managed to get punters to their destination and cab home.

                                  This is when working alone becomes a nightmare, i no longer have a back up cab licenced for costs do not warrant  it ,but  wished i had at this point. I contacted  garage i use and  organised  appointment for saturday morning, the rang to cancel friday night/saturday morning runs. For the regulars and my next door neibours  airport run for sunday at 3.15 am i booked the opposition for him. Many might think i am mad giving runs to other taxi firms but we  gamble that “looking after” regulars is more important in the long run and hopefully this will pay off.

                   It will be monday by the time my chap can get onto main dealers for the turbo pipe ,(see what i mean ref its the weekend) and fingers crossed back on the road. In the meantime i am manning the phones and still taking bookings for airports ,trains etc gambling on getting the cab back pronto, its a quandary  what to do but if we dont take bookings by the time cab back there will be no work. PS if anybody got a spare cab i could borrow give us a bell thanks for listening to the moan ,i mean blog .


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