In this game you have to develop a sixth sense about punters,especially when picking up off the streets when you get flagged down. Everybody is guilty of prejudging customers avoiding gangs of popped up lads carrying kebabs late on saturday night/sunday morning,although  some of the lasses can be a bit iffy as well but all part of the job. Two instances happened over the weekend which  with the footy combined with sunny days  was busy on friday, saturday and sunday  The first was a son of an old customer  who i took to washington and went in to get fare  off his mam, normally if  a stranger you would be a bit iffy about punter leaving cab before paying but  as i knew him i did not worry. After about 15 mins he came back and said his  mam was out and ” can he  drop fare off later “( his dad is a neighbour so was not undually worried  .  Still waiting  7 days later. 

                             The second strange one was today ,i was flagged down and a guy staggered to the cab and asked to be taken home  a couple of miles away. He got in and was slurring and shaking, saying he did not have money but his wife was at home and would pay. Once bitten twice shy comes to mind but i am a softy ,chatting on way he explained he had Parkinsons disease which flares up with anxiety and he could not  walk anywhere, got him home and into house . A young lad struck down by a cruel disease but on another occasion would have been left stranded because the symptoms are so similar to “over indulgence . There is no answer but give the benefit of the doubt to people and i was pleased i got the chap home.  All part of the job ,but it amazes me why punters don’t mind paying up to a ton on a night out and pay a fortune for “fast food” which they seem to want to eat or spill all over their taxi but seem upset at paying to get home safely . You have to laugh or cry.


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