Observed two extremes of manners over the last couple of days, the bad mannered if not disgusting were the “England team” ignoring goalkeeper Robert Green when he let the goal in. Although a schoolboy error (the forwards missed plenty of sitters) not one of them went back to him to give him moral support and encourage him to blank it from the game. It was’nt till half time that Joe Hart his competitor for the jersey went up to him ,personally i think this shows what spoilt kids they are.

                            The “Good Manners” i saw was today at Durham Hospital when an elderly couple walked (slowly) up to their little Vauxhall Corsa ,Hubby holding wifes hand although he himself struggled with a walking stick and both obv feeling their combined age of 160, eventually reaching their car the gent went to the passenger side and led his wife in ,then struggled around to the drivers side. Prehaps not a great gesture but an old timer not forgetting his manners unlike  the “Team” in SA

                            On work note been quite busy with Planes, Trains and  Automobiles with the holiday season in full swing,local runs and down to Sedgefield Races with party of regulars who are great fun and partygoers ,infact they invited the Mozster (better half Mozzie,Moira) to give her all her titles also CEO of #creditcrunchtaxis, to the races or a night out work permitting. Customer base is still growing only prob as usual trying to do  it all is  timing jobs, everybody wants taxis virtually at same time esp at weekends. But as i say keep our  number as reserve.

                       Final reminder we can do 24 hr Airport runs via appointment and we will text ,email or phone on arrival if customer  carries mobile (not everybody does) This can be really useful at the Airport as bags are sometimes not  coming to conv belt sometimes for 20 mins at Newcastle, but at least if in touch with us all will be well.

                Cheers for now will blog quicker next time and remember Delves Taxis is the creditcrunchtaxisinconsett


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