The events of today shook everybody,bringing back memories of Dunblane and Hungerford and years ago the maniac in Monkseaton, Whitley Bay.  Local taxi driver Derrick Bird went beserk with a stash of guns (why we need guns defies logic to me) apparantly over a row with another taxi firm. Up to now he has killed 12 people including his own mam,then thankfully he killed himself.

                                                                                 What makes no sense is that all the people that knew him described him as a quiet guy who cabbed people over the last 15 years, Something snapped with him only time will tell the full storey, It is a dog eat dog business and heated arguments do happen between cabbies over knicked fares etc, but most of the time although we are in opposition every cabbie looks out for each other as it is a lonely  and stressful job and we do help our  fellow workers, esp at weekends when we can get the odd “strange punter” in the back.

                                                                     Enough of the perpetrator and our sympathies must go to the poor shot people and their families, lets pray the injured pull through and thoughts to Cumbrians who have been through hell the last couple of years with floods, bus accidents and now this appalling shooting. They must think they are cursed


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