Saturday night is  always the strangest night of the week,more punters out with the prospect of a lie in and day off on Sunday. Yesterday was no exception to this, after a long day starting with a 3.30am pick up to the airport (booking starting to come back in after #ashgate) a steady day and early evening went well.

                      About 10pm , waiting outside “Spoons” in Consett a couple jumped in saying “Alright for Lanchester” (nice village about 6miles out of Consett. Driving off and trying usual chat about weather, good night out ? etc all fell silent.When we got to house the guy paid fare ,jumped out of cab and vanished into house, I had heard door slam and  was about to drive off ,checked mirror and saw guys partner curled up asleep,  (thank God i saw her,if i had noticed after driving off i would of had a coronary )  I managed to wake her and she said Where the hell is he? Explained where she was and that she had been abandoned, managed to help her to front door and left.  The strangest thing is tat they had not  rowed in he car which happens,and i wondered if they had not got home would the bastard had just left her in the middle of town?   Cabbies always have to check their cabs for “lost property ”  mobiles,wallets purses and brollies  all claimable after three months ,BUT A WIFE????   So what is the strangest thing you have left in a taxi?


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