Got up at 4.30 am, coffee on, and fired up the laptop to check the landing time of the Larnaca flight to Newcastle Airport,to pick up the family we had dropped off last week.

                                 Usually you see the odd delay or posponed flight but not a wall of cancelled flights. Nothing was on the news so tweetdeck was the option of choice, i put out a general mayday, whats all this “Ash” business. Within 2 mins answers were flying in with great advice and info. Anyway managed to get to Newcastle and got my people luckily as this was going to be the only flight in or out today. On the way back chatting to family they seem subdued , telling them they were lucky to have missed all dealays , was informed their holiday was a complete washout in both weather and hotel room.

                                The point of this note is that i have found twitter a great help in both business and social tweeting, with new customers and friends coming onboard . having fun, sharing links, jokes and invaluable info, defying any tweeter  having a problem and not getting an instant answer or point of view.

                                 Twitter gets some negative comments off people thinking “only celebs” tweet and do not tweet back, some do ,but many do respond .Ive had tweets back off the Sarah Brown,Mathew Horne(Gavin and Stacy) Esther Rantzan and many more. If you keep it topical or interesting tweeters will join in. I have done a radio interview on Metro Radio about tweeting in business telling them about “@tweetalondoncab” cabbies down south who use twitter to great effect with punters tweeting for a cab and cabbies keeping eachother informed where work is on the ranks.

I use Facebook aswell linking the twitter account  which i think works well, but i like twitter because it is more instant and world wide, (One of my tweeter friends ref the Ash incident is in Canada).  To sum up if you don`t use twitter yet give it a go,above everything else its FUN ,but beware the twitesphere is addictive, you have been warned


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