Today was the day i put the  cab in to get the timing belt replaced,nearly 90,000 on the clock on the original and it was preying on my mind that if it goes untold damage could well be done

Local dealers quoting near £300 sterling, but my son got a chap recomended by fellow cabbies and done for £200 sterling. Dropped the scoda off at 8.30 in Leadgate and went to Consett with the moz, (getting hair done) . First stop was Spoons for brekkie, amazed at how many fancy a pint at 9am. After walking Mozzie to hairdressers took the chance to have a 2 hour walk around Consett town centre, what a bloody joke. Unless you fancy a pint,Pizza,Currie or birthday card/Charity shop there is nowt to look at or buy,its four years since i hiked around here and can understand why all the punters go to the Metro Centre or Newcastle ,Durham to shop.(think of all that local money that is going out the area) The council should be ashamed of itself Consett is now a shadow of its former self and is really run down,scruffy,empty shops and depressed people,Consett is not a victum of the recession, this has been a decline over 15 to 20 years. Anyway enough of the rant,after collecting Mozzie (her hair is lovely and she is chuffed) we ventured for the bus, amazed that for the 2 of us it cost more than a taxi to get home,begging the question Why not get a cab door to door in clean car instead of hiking it to and from a bus stop?

 Walked into house and phone rang to say car ready,4 hrs for a big job is good service, jumped into a taxi (had enough buses) and back to work for the afternoon.


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