Amongst all the fun of the weather this month ,the kiddies sledging and snowman making and extra hols, lets not forget the ones that have not had a good time. The small business people who have to travel or rely on their customers getting to them have had a really tough time of late. We all moaned about not having bins emptied (as well as the “empties”  ) all those beer and wine bottles stacked up makes everyone  get jumpy. Ours was emptied only last friday and moments later our chap that powerwashes the wheelie bin arrived,the usual greeting of  “hows things” was answered by the fact he had not managed to work for 4 weeks by blocked roads and full bins. No “snow days” for him, just worry how to pay the bills,as he said they don’t stop for the snow,no pay while off or lieu days to take.

                         Powerwash Jim is  just one of thousands in that position, every small business who has to do home calls will have suffered but no mention by the government  or banks for any short term help by means of insurance or loan schemes,a mention to all the politicians coming around the doors shortly for your vote in the Election would not go amiss.

           NB just taken booking off regulars to the Airport, off to Canaries for a month, prehaps thats the answer !


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