We managed to work every day,through snow,ice,fog and everything else that was thrown at us. The biggest help was getting some snow tyres on the front on Christmas Eve, although that nearly did not happen,as the van carrying the said snow tyres to tyre fitters quote “Got stuck in the snow”. But i would estimate we would have been off the road at least a week without them. Good Christmas and new year was had by all, although i think many people got back to the traditional sort by house visiting rather than risking pubs and clubs. (a lot if companies had to cancel work  events due to weather)

Wr did resuce a few from the weather, many cars snowed in ,amazing how popular we become on a snowy monday morning. Many local taxi firms around these parts take their cars of the road at the drop of a snowflake. Best quotes were “Can you pick me up cannot get car out of the estate” replied “But i have’nt got a helicopter” (we did get customer eventually . The other favorite is “Ive never heard of Delves Taxis how long have you been going ? and “We have tried everybody else then rang you (charming) .

 Enough of the moaning time to move on , good responses off twitter and facebook and putting Delves taxis on more and more directories , Airports still ticking over and getting more and more loyal customers . we can do 24 hour via appointment to and from Airports and can text or ring on arrival , Our slogan #delvestaxisthecreditcrunchtaxis is apt at the moment, we have kept prices the same absorbing fuel price increases, some taxis have been charing double during the bad weather which is terrible (its not the punters fault it snows), see you soon i hope regards


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