Today has been stressfull to say the least,booked cab into local garage for service and mot before its due its taxi test next week. Hoping to get car back in a couple of hours but needed more work than we thought,in the meantime thought i would do some admin. Rang lloyds tsb customer services with automated answer saying “Your call is very important to us we will endevour to aswer your call within 20 mins, to which i replied to a computer not bloody likely on a 0845 nos.

                              Barbara my sis had to be driven to Darlington A and E last night suspected strangulated hernia ,her second this year ,She lives next door to brand new hospital in Bishop Auckland but they have closed their A and E . Mam in law in hosp in Durham also so tensions running high @delvestaxis, sorry Mozzie. This is all before taxi test when no doubt a scratch or two will exite the examiner, 2 years ago it failed because “top hat ” sign on roof was too small/ Sorry about the winging but gets it off the old chest. Sorry alsomy workmates to customers i could not transport today.

4pm car ready now just need lift or shall i hail a cab, airport run in the morning, hoping for better day Regards paul 

Latest  back on road at 5.30 many thanks to Cliff at Parklands Cars at Lanchester great customer service (old school) Barbara getting op at 3.30 Neice Janet going to ring at 6pm might try to go late tonight to see her, depends  if she is compos mentis . Airport tomorrow  then got to get application in for hack renewel into council  by tomorrow or it means new application



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