Been a very sad day,waking up early for airport run to be greeted by the news on twitter that Patrick Swayze has died. Not unexpected news considering his condition., but so sad.  Only an hour or so later read that Celebrity chef Keith Floyd had also succumed . I liked both these chaps for different reasons, Floyd was unique in cooking alfresco seen as normal now but 20  odd years ago was riviting tv( although i always seemed to take the mick saying everything seemed to be a stew). But on saying that where would Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver be without KF leading the way?.

                                       Patrick Swayze seemed such a nice guy. a true pro. My daughter and now my granddaughter always seemed to hog the tv or video with Dirty Dancing or Ghost, he truly spanned generations R.I.P

        They say they come in threes and it did Goldie one of the goldfish met her maker today Jade (granddaughter) made a nice cross and we buried her in the garden(not flushing down the loo ). Still not made decision wether to replace her to keep Candy her soulmate company.


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