Now the schools are back it seems simmer is ended, longer darker nights with the extra hazards of misty and cold nights combined  mornings with the cab windows misting up. Airport runs still keeping us busy (older and single folk taking advantage of lower season prices,although the weather in Europe and beyond is still keeping the mercury moving up.

                         Plenty of interesting punters in the cab old and young,and we were amazed at the loyalty shown when a new lady customer rang to make a booking for saturday night ,just a local run to Consett. We could not do it having filled up with airport pick ups and apologized , its okay she said “Make it Friday night instead”  Prehaps a new venture in party planning is the next move. 

     Had to get a new tom tom sat nav having worn the old one out after three hard years use, Main advantage of the new one as well as £200 cheaper is it has bluetooth and ive got my granddaughter Sophie to record her instructions ie “after 200 yards take the second exit grandad ” Punters love it, so many thanks to Soph.


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